Don't miss this interview with Ivolve TV Host, Ron James as heĀ features Dr. Elliott Maynard and Futurist and Global Policy Maker, Jerome Glenn. Jerome is Founder of the Millennium Project, which has established over 60 "nodes" in key locations worldwide. In this interesting mix this insightful trio attempt to work out solutions for the 15 Greatest Challenges Facing Humanity, as conceived and developed by the Millennium Project: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX2WcGGK1Ug&feature=youtu.be
Here is Dr. Maynard's interview with Alan Steinfield in July of 2014 at the National Arts Center in New York City. Elliott discusses his new book: Brave New Mind: Working in a Future-Science World. He also explains his new Master Paradigm called "Future-Science Technology," which he calls "a new Operating System for humans and Planet Earth." To watch this YouTube Video click on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GB2V-Wix7pg&list=UU7zGzURoj0k1ea3xPQ69DYg
To learn more about Edvin Marton's Music Albums and Video performances click on the following link: http://edvinmarton.com/

Water Stress and Fracking

If you are concerned about the negative environmental consequences of Fracking, be sure to check out this insightful article, which highlights one of the major objections to fracking technology...Contamination of water resources: CLICK
Space X has pushed the boundaries of 3D Manufacturing Technology by launching its Falcon 9 Rocket with a 3D printed oxidizer valve. Compared with a more traditionally cast engine part, the valve was printed in two days - compared with a normal casting cycle measured in months. To read this fascinating article, click on the link below: http://spacefellowship.com/news/art40190/spacex-launches-3d-printed-part-to-space-creates-printed-engine-chamber-for-crewed-spaceflight.html

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