Space X has pushed the boundaries of 3D Manufacturing Technology by launching its Falcon 9 Rocket with a 3D printed oxidizer valve. Compared with a more traditionally cast engine part, the valve was printed in two days - compared with a normal casting cycle measured in months. To read this fascinating article, click on the link below: http://spacefellowship.com/news/art40190/spacex-launches-3d-printed-part-to-space-creates-printed-engine-chamber-for-crewed-spaceflight.html
Here is Dr. Maynard's interview with Alan Stanfield in July of 2014 at the National Arts Center in New York City. Elliott discusses his new book: Brave New Mind: Working in a Future-Science World. He also explains his new Master Paradigm called "Future-Science Technology," which he calls "a new Operating System for humans and Planet Earth." To watch this YouTube Video click on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GB2V-Wix7pg&list=UU7zGzURoj0k1ea3xPQ69DYg
During the past several years massive amounts of aerosols, toxic chemicals and fibers have been systematically sprayed into our atmosphere. If you think this is some sort of conspiracy theory, then think again. Just how much proof do we need? We all need to look up and wake up. You owe it to yourself and your family to watch this well-researched documentary film, as it provides graphic evidence, documentation and supporting research.  "Geoengineering and the Collapse of Earth 2014" as well as several other documentary films are available at the following website: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org.


Watergate Lawyer and Washington DC Activist Talk ET Contact at Toronto Conference

Press Release For Immediate Distribution BREAKING  NEWS!
A Toronto based group has managed to obtain legal services of a US Watergate-Pentagon Papers lawyer and a Washington DC lobbyist to promote their cause and convince the public that UFOs are real and ET contact is imminent. In this extraordinary Canadian news development, the Toronto group has stated it will present unassailable evidence that not only is the phenomenon of UFOs real - but governments around the planet have sequestered this information from the public.
The Toronto group has organized an Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Consciousness Connection Retreat north of Toronto August 28th to August 31st. The group claims to be fully prepared to prove, study and explore the nature of an extraterrestrial presence which they are convinced is currently engaging the planet. Retreat co-ordinator Laurie Rosenfield, “This extraordinary event will not be your ordinary UFO conference.” To review the Press Release. CLICK.
Although it seems hard to believe, this 300mpg car is already a reality! If America truly wishes to lead the world in innovation, the auto industry is ripe for change. Introducing this kind of quantum leap in fuel efficiency technology would only serve to stimulate emulation, innovation and competition from other global automakers. Tesla Motors has set a prime example, as their production models bested its competitors (who should also be applauded for their noble efforts). Did this major innovation ruin the American automotive industry. No...It just woke them up to the fact that consumers today are willing to pay for innovations that will lead to a cleaner environment and hopefully a major global shift in our presently gluttonous consumption of fossil fuels. To read this fascinating story, CLICK.

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